Brown Creek Soil & Water Conservation

Dr. Hugh Hammond Bennett, an Anson native, who rose from a farm and antebellum plantation between Wadesboro and White Store to become chief of the United States Soil Conservation Service and a world authority on land use, is certainly one of Anson’s most noted sons. Through his dedicated professional efforts, Brown Creek became the first Soil Conservation District in America on August 4, 1937, when North Carolina Secretary of State, Thad Eure, made history by signing the certificate of organization establishing the Brown Creek Soil and Water Conservation District (BCSWCD).

Creation of the Soil Conservation Committee

The chartering of the district was made possible by legislation passed by the 1937 General Assembly which created the North Carolina Soil Conservation District Law. This state law allowed landowners to petition the newly created State Soil Conservation Committee to hold a referendum on establishing a Soil Conservation District.

Today, over 80 years later, the Brown Creek Soil and Water Conservation District Board, staff and partnership agencies are dedicated to help preserve Anson County’s natural beauty and resources, and continue Dr. Hugh Hammond Bennett’s legacy.


BCSWCD administers the following programs:

  • Agricultural Cost Share Program (ACSP)
  • Agricultural Water Resources Assistance Program (AGWRAP)
  • Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP)
  • Technical Assistance


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