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Anson County Fire Marshall's Office


2230 Country Club Road
Wadesboro, NC 28170
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 704-694-9332 or 704-694-5342

To preserve life and property from fire, explosion, electrical and related hazards through prevention, life safety education, investigation, and enforcement of fire codes. To provide technical assistance to the fire departments, the public, industry and schools in obtaining these goals.

Fire Prevention Code Enforcement Program

The following is designed to provide Anson County businesses and the public with basic information about the Fire Code

The Anson County Fire Marshal's Office is funded by the Anson County Board of Commissioners and is directed by
the County Fire Marshal. The primary functions of the office are:

1.Fire Prevention Code Enforcement
2.Fire Prevention Classes
3.Safety Inspections of All County Buildings

We are NOT providing Fire Prevention Code Enforcement within the Town limits of Wadesboro and Polkton. They are providing these services for themselves.

What is the State Fire Prevention Code?

The Fire Prevention Code is a set of minimum mandatory fire safety standards that apply to all occupancies in North Carolina
with the exception of one and two family dwellings. The Fire Prevention Code is uniformly enforced in all areas of the State.

The Fire Code primarily regulates:

1.General Precautions Against Fire
2.Fire Protection Requirements
3.Electrical Safety
4.Exit and Egress Maintenance
5.Flammable and Liquid Safety
6.Other Specialized Operation Safety Requirements

These regulations apply to new and existing buildings.

How Often Will Anson County Provide a Fire Inspection?

The Anson County Fire Marshal's Office will respond to any complaint made to our office. Otherwise, inspections of
occupancies will be provided on the following schedule:

Once Every Year. Hazardous, Institutional, High Rise, Assembly, Common areas of residential (1 and 2 family dwellings and
townhouses exempt).

Once Every Two (2) Years. Educational (except public, private and church schools) and industrial.

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