The Mapping Section of the Tax Assessor's Office is responsible for ownership and location information, as well as tax maps for all properties within Anson County. This section provides a listing of property owners, technically known as a "tax scroll," based on information obtained from real estate records in the Register of Deeds office. Transfers of property and divisions of land are reflected in the GIS (Geographic Information System) Data Base after a brief processing period. However, if deed transactions are not properly recorded, we are unable to update ownership in the Tax Assessor's Office.

The tax maps provided by the Mapping Section display parcel boundaries, block and lot (account numbers), city/town limits. Other information may be obtained from other city and county departments. Currently rural (low-density) tax maps are drawn on a scale of 1 inch equals 400 feet. Urban and incorporated areas are either 1" to 100 or 200 feet and may be obtained in person, by mail or by facsimile.