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The mission of Anson County Parks and Recreation Department is to implement exciting and productive programs, which will enhance the overall quality of life for our citizens.

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Mondays Jan. 7th 5:30pm Cavs Bulls Wadesboro Gym 5th-6th
6:30pm Pistons Bucks Wadesboro Gym 5th-6th
Tuesdays Jan. 8th 5:30pm Suns Kings Wadesboro Gym K-2nd
6:00pm Lakers Clippers Wadesboro Gym K-2nd
Wednesdays Jan. 9th 5:30pm Celtics Nets Wadesboro Gym 3rd-4th
6:00pm 76ers Knicks Wadesboro Gym 3rd-4th
Thursdays Jan. 10th 5:30pm Bucks Pacers Wadesboro Gym 5th-6th
6:30pm Pistons Bulls Wadesboro Gym 5th-6th
Saturdays Jan. 12th 9:00am Suns Lakers Wadesboro Gym K-2nd
9:30am Warriors Kings Wadesboro Gym K-2nd
10:00am Celtics Knicks Wadesboro Gym 3rd-4th
10:30am Nets 76ers Wadesboro Gym 3rd-4th


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Text to: 81010

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Little Park Pictures

Little Park Loop Trail

Tennis and Pickleball Courts 2018

Jeff Waisner

Department Head / Director of Parks and Recreation, Building and Ground Maintenance

FT Staff

FT Staff

Earl Rorie - Maintenance

Alan Clark - Maintenance

Anson County Boat Landing at Plank Road

***Anson County Boat Landing***

The Carolina Thread Trail boat landing at plank road suffered damage during Hurricane Florence. We are currently working to make repairs. We appreciate your patience during this time. We are on our winter schedule. Gates open at 8:30am and close at 5:00pm. For more information,

Jeff Waisner 704-695-2550, Wendell Small 704-695-2782, Allen Jackson 704-694-5751.

Part Time Staff

Little Park
845 Airport Road
Wadesboro, NC 28170


Basketball Statistics
K-2nd Scoring Leaders (Top 5)
Player Team Points
1 Anthony Griffin Lakers 12
2 Dillyn Stirewalt Clippers 7
3 Josiah Wall Warriors 6.5
4 Gracin Pike Suns 5
5 Daylan McRae Warriors 4
3rd-4th Scoring Leaders (Top 5)
Player Team Points Per Game
1 Julius Collins Celtics 6.3
2 Cordarrius Bivens Nets 5
3 Da'quarius Caraway Knicks 3.3
3 Komoria Chambers Nets 3.3
3 Latrez Hargrove Knicks 3.3
5th & 6th Standings
Team Record
1 Pacers (2-0)
2 Bucks (1-0)
3 Cavaliers (0-1-1)
4 Pistons (0-1-1)
5 Bulls (0-1)
5th-6th Scoring Leaders
Player Team Points Per Game
1 Nyzir Harrington Pacers 16.5
2 Dequan McKever Pacers 7.5
3 Kevin Hamilton Pistons 6
4 Daundre Pickett Cavaliers 5.5
4 Johntavion Harrison Bucks 5