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Any resale of this data is strictly prohibited in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 132-10.

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The following are individual downloads for our available shape files. These files are included in the CD-ROM image and ZIP files listed above.

Anson County Parcel Lines
**Note: This file does not contain Parcel data. The Parcel data is a separate download.
To connect the data your software must be able to join the "PIN" field in the "ans" database to the "TWELVEPIN" field in the "ansontax" database found in the download below.

Parcels Data File (Residential, Commercial, Current Sales and Sales since 2000. These are dbf files that can be imported into Access or most other Database programs)
**Note: This file does not contain shapefile data. The shapefile data is a seperate download. The .shp file contained within this archive is a zero byte placeholder only.

Anson County Delinquent Real Estate
**Note: This file contains a database of outstanding Real Estate taxes. This file is updated daily. The shapefile contained in this archive is a placeholder only.
Keep in mind that bills produced in July/August are techinically not delinquent until the following January.

County Address Points
Emergency Service Areas
County Zoning Lines
City Limits
Roads and Highways
Flood Zones
County 2' Contour Lines - Generated from LIDAR dataset for NC Flood Plain Mapping Program
County 5' Contour Lines - Generated from LIDAR dataset for NC Flood Plain Mapping Program
Rivers and Streams
Lakes and other natural water bodies
County Soil Types
Ansonville Zoning Lines
Peachland Zoning Lines
Morven Zoning Lines
Wadesboro Zoning Lines
Cellular Phone Tower Locations
Airport Height Restrictions
County Water Lines
Fire Hydrant Locations
County Wastewater Lines
Voting Precincts
Voting Districts
Map Index