The Planning and Zoning Department along with the Planning Board has the responsibility to study and make recommendations regarding zoning issues and development standards for Anson County. Our recommendations are based on established planning principles and analysis in an effort to be equitable to all concerned. We are here to provide assistance throughout the process.

Zoning Ordinances

In an ongoing effort to provide Anson County standards for smart growth, we are continuing to develop and update ordinances. The Zoning Ordinance will provide the tools needed to allow for better standards for land development while at the same time providing protection to our property owners.

Mission Statement

To protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Anson County through responsible land use planning and development.

Fee Schedule

Application and/or request shall be in writing and all fee's paid prior to hearing or receipt of any information. View the fees for the following services:

  • Board Hearing: $200
  • Communication Tower Application and Hearing: $3,000
  • Copies, fax or reports: $1 per page
  • Site Inspection: $20
  • Sub-division Final Inspection: $40

Anson County Vision For 2040